Pronor has extensive experience in this activity, where it has been carrying out all kinds of work on individual or collective gas, DHW, heating or air conditioning installations of large powers (central), plumbing, sanitation, etc., covering all fuels and all the sectors (domestic, tertiary and industrial).

We are committed to constant updating and technological evolution, by applying the most modern systems, equipment and materials, in order to optimize comfort, performance and energy consumption. High, medium and low pressure gas reception facilities for industry, fuel changes with transformation and replacement of equipment, steam pipes, chimneys, etc. In short, all kinds of industrial facilities.

We have an advanced and expert technical office in the preparation of projects and subsequent direction and supervision of the works, also specialized in the management of authorizations, subsidies, supply conditions, etc., taking into account our close collaboration relationship with companies distributors, which results in a more agile and closer service.