Gas Networks

Gas pipelines

Our main activity revolves around the construction of gas distribution networks and the maintenance of all the facilities owned by the Distribuidora Company, as well as attending to emergencies of the network and gas receiving facilities.

The expansion of Pronor at the territorial level has been accompanied by a continuous technical evolution. Proof of this has been the execution of important gas pipelines. These distribution and / or transport lines, built in carbon steel or high-density polyethylene, designed to work at high pressure, are generally contracted as "key on hand" works, which entails the assumption of all processes that include: drafting of the technical project, execution of civil and mechanical works, construction management and commissioning.

Valve positions

Installations of shut-off valves and accessories associated with the connections to gas pipelines, which allow the future sectioning of the transmission network.

LNG plants

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage stations and vaporization equipment for regasification and subsequent distribution through the gas network.

LPG storage centers

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) storage centers for supply to small towns or neighborhoods, to industrial or commercial customers, outside the reach of natural gas distribution networks.

Regulation Stations

They allow the regulation of gas pressure, either for transport and distribution, or for industrial customers supplied at high pressure.

Gas stations

Construction of stations for the supply of vehicular natural gas.