Since its origins, Pronor has had a strong commercial aspect, starting its activity with comprehensive turnkey gasification projects, and later, enriching it with all kinds of added services: management of additions and commissioning of facilities, attention to notices, etc.

We have carried out marketing tasks in numerous population centers in Spain, for different companies: Gas Natural, Endesa, Redexis, Gas de Asturias and Naturgas, normally framed in integral gasification projects.

As a result of this commercial collaboration with the distributors, we have managed and put into service more than 20,000 registrations through different projects and gas campaigns, and / or heating.

Special mention, within the scope of the commercialization of energy services, it is worth highlighting the Campaign for the Attracting of Clients of large electrical consumers of the last section, up to 1 Gw, carried out for Hidroeléctrica del Cantábrico, and obtaining, in five months, more than 1,200 points supply and the recruitment of more than 200 employees, electrical maintainers of a park of about 12,000 transformation centers.